Camino de Santiago 

The Camino de Santiago. Two routes along the Basque Country.
The so called Camino de la Costa, which goes all over the coast in Gipuzcoa to go deep into the occidental limits of Biscay, is one of the most primitive pilgrimage routes to Compostela, even older than other more well known routes.

The sailing and farming Basque countries live together in this route, as well as the urban and rural ones. It goes through the coast in Guipuzcoa in its first stretch, from the estuary of the river Bidasoa up to the limit with Biscay, characterised by a steep slope. The abrupt areas vanish as soon as we go deep into Biscay through Markina-Xemein and get to know the hideouts of the regions Lea-Artibai and Busturialdea until we reach the lovely settings of the Enkarterri.

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