Festivities in Zamudio

Cabezudos We also have time for fun in Zamudio. If you want to know what the festivities are, where and when they are held, and the type of activities organised for that purpose, you are in the right place. Following, we will provide you with full information of everything about these so special dates.
Festivities in Zamudio
Festivity Date
Pentecost Elizalde neighbourhood / May-June
St. Thomas Arteaga neighbourhood / June: Sunday next to St. Anthony of Padua
Santimami Santimami neighbourhood / August, 17th
St. Bartholomew Geldo neighbourhood / August, 24th
Sandoni Aranoltza neighbourhood / September, 2nd
St. Michael Daño neighbourhood / September, 29th
St. Martin Patron saint´s day / November, 11th